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BW Driving is serving Idaho Falls, Rigby, Ammon, Shelley, and Firth with Drivers Education.  BW Driving offers driver’s education courses for all ages built to meet your needs.   BW Driving is Idaho state certified.  BW Driving provides door to door service.* 

You will recieve the required ratio of classroom and in-car training. Learning can be fun and BW Driving brings together videos, guest-speakers, games, and experienced instructors to enhance the learning experience.    

We believe an investment in yours or your child will pay for years.  The driving skills you learn today will be the skills for a lifetime.   

*Within a reasonable geographic area

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(208) 270-6269 or (208) 709-2140

880 Trappers Ridge
Ammon, ID 83401

About Us

Greg Black and Andy Weller are excited to partner together to bring you BW Driving.  We believe that what your child learns now will carry over with them for years.  We want to ensure your children learn correct skills that will protect them behind the wheel for years to come. 

Greg has taught law enforcement to drive for the past 27 years and Andy has taught school for over 18 years. 

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Watching for details  

Aug. 7: BW Driving taught about impaired driving.

We used the impaired driving goggles and made students promise to never drive under the influence.


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